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Jeanette Marie Spurlock

Candidate For

 U.S. Congress; South Carolina’s District 7

We Deserve Better Representation


Strengthening our economy by providing new opportunities is paramount to our success and continued growth. Our population is growing faster than we can keep up with, we need more roads and bridges, schools, hospitals, and we are going to need better economic opportunities for our new residents, and for us as well. If we want South Carolina to be the example of success, we must demand a pathway. 


We need our local Representatives and leaders to devise a plan to start working for a better tomorrow. If you believe the ones in office are not fighting for you, vote them out and get someone in that will draft the plans we need for our communities and get them to me, in Congress, so that I can push for funding and / or relief, where needed, and I will create legislation to loosen the restrictions, so that we can bring manufacturing back to our district. This is a team effort, with the voter being essential; YOU are the foundation to building a better tomorrow.


Being your Representative will provide, for all of us, a platform in DC to fight for the people and to push back on those that are stripping us of our fundamental rights, as they pass 1 bill after another, dismissing our Constitutional Rights as American Citizens. We need someone that is not afraid to reach across the aisle and search till she finds someone she can reason with. I know if we can make headway with one, they will help with another, and so on. I will not rest till we restore the right to decide for ourselves and for our families and put an end to the madness that is taking place in Washington DC. 


In 2016, a wise man put out a challenge to those who were unsure… He said, “Vote for me, what do you have to lose?'' I am repeating it to you because the challenge makes sense, and it should remind us that it is going to get worse if we do not take a chance on someone fresh and ready to fight. The writing is already on the wall if we do not change our current representation. Take that challenge with you into the voting booth in 2022. We can, and we will, do this together. I will not abandon you nor forget that you matter. I will fight right alongside you, to make sure that Your Voice is Heard. I will speak out loud for you, for us, for our communities.


My name is Jeanette Spurlock, and I am running for United States Congress, to Represent the People of South Carolina’s 7th District.

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