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Jeanette Marie Spurlock

Candidate For

 U.S. Congress; South Carolina’s District 7

Navigating Trust Issues and The Wuhan Virus


After the initial shutdowns, placed on Americans, were lifted; states, counties, cities, and towns across America continued to enforce many restrictions. Schools remained closed, leaving millions of children at home and some became unaccounted for. America was full of parents trying to be schoolteachers without the means nor the education required to do so. For some, that may not have been an issue, but for MANY, it was. Businesses that were booming and those just beginning, were closing their doors. Non-essential businesses were ordered to remain closed, limit their operating hours or work with a small percentage of workers, leaving us with empty shelves and limited quantities of food, goods, and services. Prisons were literally releasing criminals back into the streets putting all of us at risk. Hospitals were imposing lonely deaths upon the sick and regulating who could or could not have a procedure done. Since when is cancer screening an elective? But there we were, not really caring about the possibility of a loss of life unless it was due to the Wuhan Virus. Shameful!


As Americans desperately tried to reason with our local governments and councils, one thing was evident; it did not matter who voted them into the office or who they were accountable to, they were going to “follow the science”. I can not tell you how many times I was chastised for questioning my local representatives. And to make matters worse, these same government officials (Federal, State, Local) and Scientists were enabling the fear to spread, without the proof that any of these restrictions would help in reducing the spread. They kept the fear fueled by reporting non-stop to the media (information that may not even be true) who in turn spread the propaganda. Those of us who did not fall for their lack of evidence, to prove the restrictions were necessary, were labeled Conspiracy Theorists.


The hard truth, it did not matter what we suffered, they had to keep their secrets. Truth prevails however and we have been inundated with leaked information about what they knew and when they knew it. There is no telling what the answer to the “Why” will be, but I am confident that it will shake us at our core. Another hard truth… There is no way for us to know the long-term effects this Wuhan Virus will have on us, Emotionally, Physically nor Economically in the months and years to come. The financial debt that has been accrued, in the promise that it would “help”, is beyond what we will ever be able to pay for.


My question to you, who can you Trust with what is best for you? Are you willing to vote those out who refused to listen or consider your rebuttals? What about those that treated you like you were the one inflicting death on your fellow Americans? Our government was being ill advised and taking the word of the Scientists, without question, which never did ring as reasonable or true to most Americans.


We need a government we can trust!! No more secrets, no more silencing Americans!! Our Voices Out Loud!!  My name is Jeanette Spurlock, Candidate for US Congress, Representing SC’s 7th District.

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