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Jeanette Marie Spurlock

Candidate For

 U.S. Congress; South Carolina’s District 7

Where I Stand


I am Pro-America: I am honored to be an American. The honor I feel, has given me the courage to fight for not only the people of South Carolina, but for ALL Americans across this great Nation. The opportunities that are available to us are unlike anywhere else. While other nations strive to be the most powerful, we cannot let them overtake us. For America to be the most powerful country in the world, we must be self-reliant. I will stay the course, and not grow weary, defending our rights and enabling pathways for our success. We must be, once again, self-reliant in every industry, providing for ourselves, and for it to be made right here in The United States of America.

I am Pro-Life: Being Pro-Life does not mean I am against Pro-Choice. Being Pro-Life, to me, means that I support new life and hold in high regard, the creation of life. Being Pro-Choice, for me, means that you can make choices in YOUR life so long as it does not interfere with someone else’s right to life. We all have decisions to make in life and the decisions we make are a testament to our ability to see past ourselves and to ensure that we are not faced with having to decide the fate of someone else, without their consent.

I am Pro-2nd Amendment: As with other parts of The Constitution, the more we alter the original intent, the muddier the waters. I stand against any argument to limit this right, in any way. As a Concealed Carry Permit holder, I was taught the benefits of gun ownership. It is an honor that we have the right to protect ourselves, anywhere and at any time, and that, we should hold dear. I will not take away your right to choose not to participate in this right, but I will push back on any legislation to remove or alter this right for me or anyone else.

I am Pro-Voter ID: As we are all fully and painfully aware of, our vote can alter our lives in a way that could take generations to undo. Voting is a serious and honorable obligation for Americans, and we should be willing to stand proud and confident in those selections. To me, there is ZERO reason for someone to want to vote without proudly proving who they are. Anyone doing or allowing less, is a threat to our Nation and Freedoms.

I am Pro-Freedom of Speech: I like to look at this freedom as a window into the soul of those around us. Without this freedom, we would not know where others stood on issues or the joy of bearing witness to those that learned a new and better way to live because someone exercised their right to speak up. We do not always want to hear from those with radically different opinions, but it goes back to choices, we all have them to make. We can either participate in the conversation or we can move along to one that better aligns with our ideals.

I am Pro-Accountability: There will not always be a clear pathway when we face something new. When experience or guidance is not available, we must think through the pros and cons for ourselves. What is the benefit of the result we seek? Who does that benefit serve? or Hurt? Taking accountability for the choices we make, will promote self-growth, respect from others and pride in ourselves. There will be times when we will not know what to do, but when we do know, we must take responsibility for it. We must be accountable for our actions and words, starting at the top (The People) all the way down, through each branch of government.

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