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Jeanette Marie Spurlock

Candidate For

 U.S. Congress; South Carolina’s District 7


The Foundation of Every Relationship


Transparency is what you can expect from me. Legislation and Voting are the 2 main avenues available to create a difference in the lives of The People of District 7. I want every decision and plan to be clear to my constituents. Gone are the days when The People of District 7 must question the motives of their Representative.

Respect requires give and take. When we go into the voter’s booth to make our selections, we have important questions to ask ourselves: Is this person respectable? Do I feel heard? Does this candidate show compassion towards my concerns? In return, I will hold you in high regard, acknowledging and respecting your reasons for selecting me on election day.

Unity among The People is paramount to everything else. To have a winning team, we must work in unison to achieve our goals. I am offering an open book policy to ensure that I remain united with the voters. Staying united is our best defense against those who wish to create unnecessary laws that do not work in our favor and to amend current laws that interfere in our rights to pursue happiness.

Steadfast defines how I honor my belief system. I am strong in my belief of God and the power that He holds over life and creation. I am firm on honoring and upholding The Constitution of The United States of America. With God’s blessing, I will defend the rights granted to us and I will demand that those rights not be infringed upon.

Tirelessly pursuing pathways towards betterment is my only goal. I will fight alongside of each one of you, heeding your pleas. You will find that I am unfaltering in my dedication to my constituents. I will always choose you first, come what may.


Transparency – Respect – Unity – Steadfast – Tireless


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