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Jeanette Marie Spurlock

Candidate For

 U.S. Congress; South Carolina’s District 7

A Congressional Representative


A Representative, the job priority, is someone who represents The People of their District. Ensuring that the voters have a say in the decisions that are being made. My job will not stop with just those that voted for me, I will also work for those who did not vote for me. I will serve ALL The People in ways that bring better opportunities to their communities and work on issues that plague our district that are not defined by political affiliation. Flooding, economics and funding for roadway and bridge projects are EVERYONE issues.


Constituent service is a large component of the job. It can be as minor as making a phone call to a department head for a constituent that is having difficulty finding answers or something as major as voting on the House Floor for the lifesaving needs of the people. Being available to you, assures that you have an opportunity to be heard and to create open dialog about proposed legislation. I will serve in your best interest always, come what may.

Fun Fact: Did you know you can contact your representative to arrange a tour or to visit the Capitol or other places of interest in Washington DC?


Legislation is the pathway to reaching goals. Legislation is written, passed on to the appropriate committee that goes through it with a fine-toothed comb, then to the floor for a vote. Legislation is not done overnight, and it requires members of Congress / Committee Members to weigh out the pros and cons and to work on additional verbiage to reduce the cons and increase the pros for it to reach the floor for a vote. It will be my job to further analyze the Legislation in its complete form to determine whether it is what my constituents really want and equally important, is it constitutional. Oversight and investigations are part of the legislation process once the bill has been passed on the floor. Were the new laws handled accordingly? If not, then new work on old legislation begins, to ensure that the law is appropriately applied.


Political and Electoral activities is an ongoing job outside of performing my future representative duties. A Congressman is elected for 2-year terms. During those two years, you get acclimated, get involved in policy making and on the side lines you must continue to campaign for the next cycle. Being new to the platform gives me an advantage in that I am already successful in maintaining a fulltime job and campaigning on the sidelines. I can tell you that it is both rewarding and challenging, but I am doing it. I am doing it for YOU, for us, because we deserve someone that is not afraid of hard work. Someone that is not intimidated by what lays ahead and is not distracted by what glitters and shines.

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