Jeanette Marie Spurlock

Candidate For

 U.S. Congress; South Carolina’s District 7

Navigating The Ups and Downs


It seems each new day brings us a new issue to navigate. It makes me wonder if we would have fully understood or even noticed these ups and downs had it not been for the election of Donald Trump as our 45th President. Prior to his election we knew what the media told us and not much else. Once he became our President, he kept us in the loop. At every turn, whether through the news or through social media we knew what obstacles he was facing and that he was fighting for We The People. Making America Great Again was his only goal and he work diligently to make some much needed changes to help in that process.


Since the inauguration of the 46th President, we have suffered unendingly. We are kept in the dark about what is happening in our government, we are seeing record high inflation numbers, record high illegal border crossings, the destruction of the progress we made to being self-reliant, record high number of resignations in our workforces across America, medical mandates that are being forced upon so many of us and Republican Representatives and Senators bowing to the left on the outrageous bills coming out of Congress and making their way to the Senate. A government that does not work for the majority will destroy the hopes and dreams we have, not just for ourselves, but for generations to come. Not only can we not stand by and let that happen, but we must also make sure that our suffrage never sees the light of day again here in America. 


What can we do about all of this? The answer is simple, but the task is difficult. We must fill every elected seat locally and up to the federal level, with America loving, Constitutional Republicans. I would not ask you to do anything that I would not do and that is why I am running for US Congress to Represent South Carolina’s 7th District. My campaign focus is to ensure that I stay in touch with what is happening in the political arena, to listen and hear my constituents and to help with the campaigns of others who are willing to take on the task to run for a seat. It is my goal to provide a voice for all of us on a federal level, to revoke these outrageous bills that have been passed over the last 10 months, to put in place securities that our rights are not infringed upon, to ensure the states have the right to run their own elections without interference and to get back on task, Making America Great Again!


I am asking you to get involved. To volunteer for campaigns, to volunteer on committees that seek change such as Medical Freedoms, Election Audits, or any other platform that you feel connected to. If we hope to win back America, we need to be “All Hands On Deck” till we do.


My name is Jeanette Spurlock, Candidate for US Congress to Represent South Carolina’s 7th District.

American Flag on Pole