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Jeanette Marie Spurlock

Candidate For

 U.S. Congress, South Carolina District 7

Where Your Path Leads, You Must Follow

I have been talking with people from all walks of life and the one thing that I have found that rings true no matter where I am or with whom I am speaking with, there is a need for trusted Representation. Myself included, the People need someone worthy of our trust and we must act now if we have any hope for a better tomorrow. 

When I started this journey, there was an urgency placed on my heart to be a servant to the people, to be their Representative. I had just left the voting booth feeling frustrated in my choices and felt the determination to make sure that in the next election cycle, the People would have someone they could vote for without regret nor having to do it begrudgingly as I had just done. I knew then as I know now, I couldn't wait on someone else to step up and fight for We The People. 

I have had the honor of being invited to the homes of many people to talk about their concerns, to chat in public places about what they would like to see in their communities, in meetings where tensions rise at who or what can really make a difference. It seems that we are all wanting similar solutions yet we don't have the right people in the right places to make the needed changes. 

I made a list of all the issues I was hearing from the public on and it has become abundantly clear where my journey into politics was leading me. I can't help but hear over and over in my mind....

You can't fix Washington if you don't fix Main St. USA

I will be diligently working with the Horry County Republican Party to bring information to the people of Horry County on how they can get involved. We need as much information out there as we can get if we are to be successful in creating a better America. I hope we can depend on you to help us, it is an

"All Hands On Deck" kind of movement.

Jeanette Spurlock

Vice Chairman of the Horry County Republican Party

Thank You For Your Support!

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