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Jeanette Marie Spurlock

Candidate For

 U.S. Congress; South Carolina’s District 7

Amendments to The Constitution of The United States of America


I read a post recently that said The Constitution is for ALL people but that it does not represent ALL people and it set my wheels turning. The first question that ran through my mind was, why would someone think that? It was worth pondering….

During church service this past Sunday, we were discussing how the birth of Christ was prophesized many times in the Old Testament, as far back as The Beginning, in the Book of Genesis. Back then, people gathered with their families and shared God experiences with one another and telling stories of the coming of Christ. Generation after generation shared these stories with one another to preserve The Word of God. When the time came and Christ declared who He was, he was rejected by the Church and they screamed blasphemy! How could that be when the old testament foretold His coming and for us, to watch and have hope in it? Did the prophecy change or did the people change how they perceived the prophecy?

I find myself wondering the same thing about our Constitutions and the Rights that are guaranteed. How did we get from believing and honoring the Constitution / Bill of Rights as it was written, to guide us through the freedoms and ways of governing, to where people believe that it does not represent them? Have we created more harm than good in allowing amendments or have the amendments themselves create more harm than good?

As the years passed in Biblical times, so have the years passed since the signing of our Constitution, with each generation scrutinizing whether old writings represent current times. Have cultural changes changed the way we look at our unalienable rights? Have we allowed grey areas to confuse the intent of the Bill of Rights?

My belief in The Word of God is unwavering as is my belief in our fundamental rights as United States Citizens. To me, and to many, they go hand in hand. The Declaration of Independence states that we have the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. These rights are given to all of us, first, by our creator, and it is up to our government to protect those said rights. Though we may not attain endless life, liberty, or happiness, in the sense that everyone agrees with, I will always support your right to pursue it.

When I become your Representative, working towards eliminating the ifs and buts (also known as grey areas) regarding our Constitution will be an honor. An honor that not enough are working to achieve. I want everyone to feel free to live their lives well, speak their peace to help and to seek out happiness through faith, family values and prosperity. I am not here to judge how you want to utilize these rights; I am only here to determine if it is for the betterment of all The People. When presented with an amendment to our Constitution / Bill of Rights, I will always vote in favor of preserving the rights for the many, not allowing for the many to suffer.

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