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Jeanette Marie Spurlock

Candidate For

 U.S. Congress; South Carolina’s District 7

Be Brave, Be Courageous


So often you hear people say, you are so brave or courageous to run for a political office but this election cycle, it is you, the voter who is the brave and courageous one. Where we are today, it is going to require courage and faith from our voter base to be honest with ourselves about what we truly want in a Representative. I believe this will take courage because you will be facing criticism on glossy mailers or ads that interrupt your viewing pleasures telling you that if you don’t vote for XYZ, you will be contributing to the failures that are sure to come by voting otherwise. You will need to have faith in your decisions and your candidate. You will need to be brave when you stand before you peers and plead for them to listen to reason.


When our election was stolen from us in 2020, we were frustrated with politicians across America for not standing up against those that did not defend our right to a fair election. Then our frustration spread out to cover judges and lawyers that fought against or ruled against hearing our pleas in court about voter fraud. Still today, We The People, are fighting for answers to the fraud that took place with no clear answers in sight. This experience has changed how I will determine who will get my vote during the Primaries. I no longer trust politicians, or judges and lawyers turned politicians, to stand up and fight for what is right, to stand up against those that serve only themselves! You know who I do trust? I trust those who feel like I do, who feel like they have been robbed of their right to have their voice heard in this disaster of an election.


2021 is a glaring example of what happens when we continue to elect the type of people that will not fight for us, for We The People. There is a lot of work to do, reversing what has been done to destroy the America we were on our way to being. America must get back on track towards being self-reliant with a booming economy for all.


As the next election cycle grows closer, it is important that we each pay close attention to the candidates that we must choose from. The next candidates, that are elected, will be responsible for reshaping our future or they will be responsible for getting us more of the same. We can not let the latter be our future, more of the same is not acceptable.


My name is Jeanette Spurlock, I am your Candidate for US Congress, and I WILL Represent South Carolina’s 7th District the way YOU deserve and want to be represented.

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