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Jeanette Marie Spurlock

Candidate For

 U.S. Congress; South Carolina’s District 7

Do Not Wait, Start Today


We are approaching the 11-month mark till the South Carolina Primaries and you, the voter, have some choices to make. I encourage you to consider what the government looks like to you; how will it operate and what changes do you believe need to take place? Once you have a good vision of your expectations for your Representatives and Leaders, start going through the list of candidates and begin crossing out the ones that you do not believe will offer you what you seek. Do not be too hasty, use a pencil, a lot can happen in 11 months! To help get the juices flowing, I want to share with you the types of questions that I will be asking of them and myself as there will be several seats to fill.


First, I am looking for someone that I believe will be working for me, the constituent. That will be OUR biggest challenge. Take my advice, ask questions. If you cannot get a firm answer or even a willingness to talk with you about general topics or about your concerns, get your pencil out and strike through that name. If you can have a conversation with a candidate, be specific in your questions. It is good to find out what they want to do for our area but what matters even more is How Do They Feel About What You Want?


Next, where does the candidate see themselves in 5 years? This question/answer exchange can give some real insight into the type of representative or leader that they will be. I am looking for a candidate that 1) still sees themselves, successfully, serving their constituents 5 years from now and 2) will not use their political pull (that they are bound to acquire while in office) to keep them in office. They should have a willingness to abandon their positions if We The People are not happy with their performance and should commit to that. I am looking for someone that is not afraid to do the hard work and will work tirelessly for We The People. When out of session, they should be in their areas, touching base with their constituents and monitoring the progress of their efforts and addressing concerns.


Lastly, I want to know WHO is backing the candidate and where are they getting their funding from? Knowing the answers to these 2 questions are paramount to me. Finding out WHO is in their corner will tell us A LOT about the kind of representative they will be and who they will serve. Experience has taught us that Politicians serve those that back them and who funded them. We need to know where their backing and funding came from, it matters.


My name is Jeanette Spurlock, YOUR candidate for US Congress, Representing South Carolina’s 7th District. YOU are my support team, and you can expect that my devotion will be to YOU and OUR goals, while tirelessly working towards reducing government overreach, giving power back to The People, and supporting The Constitution of The United States of America. I am humbly asking for your vote on election day.

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