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Jeanette Marie Spurlock

Candidate For

 U.S. Congress; South Carolina’s District 7

Insider or Outsider?


I want to talk about what the differences are between an insider and an outsider.

The definition of insider: Someone connected to a particular group of people.

The definition of outsider: Someone not connected to a particular group of people.

Pretty much what you would expect the definitions to mean, but what does it mean in the political arena? It might not mean what you would naturally think.

A Harvard Business Review found that an insider (someone connected) can do the job well in stable conditions, but they do not handle extreme change well, or quickly, for fear of disrupting the status quo.

The status quo may seem necessary to keep things in line, but it also prevents an insider from being brilliant. They will make the same decisions any other insider would make in their position, nothing brilliant about that. In other words, insiders know how to maintain but rarely find themselves noted for excellence in innovation.

The same Harvard Business Review also looked at outsiders (someone not connected). The findings are that an outsider can be high risk with high reward. They are freer to innovate new ideas without fear of disrupting the status quo. They can make decisions that no one else would, or in some situations, could make.

With our political difficulties today, we need the right kind of person for the job. Someone who is not afraid to grow our party, to dominate when the enemy is trying to take over and someone who is willing to take risks. We need someone that wants to see our Republic survive, come what may.

When you walk into the voting booth during the Primaries you are going to stand before a machine with a list of names. Those names represent different people with different levels of experience as an insider, you will also see my name. Before you choose, I ask that you remember this, with high risk, comes high reward. If we do not take risks, we will end up with the same middle of the road Representative that we always get, someone who brings nothing more to the table than any other insider would. We need to be innovative and hopeful once again. We are in this together and we can do this together.

Fun Fact:

President Abraham Lincoln was so unknown that he was not even mentioned as a Presidential candidate in most newspapers back in 1860 yet he secured his nomination, became President of The United States of America in 1861 and changed America as we knew it. His stance on the secession of the south is what made him different than his opponents who were well connected in the political arena. While other Republican candidates were willing to call the South’s bluff and let them go peacefully, in hopes that they would soon return, President Lincoln said, “We won’t give up Fort Sumter without a fight!” The South never seceded.

My name is Jeanette Spurlock, candidate for US Congress, SC District 7, and I am asking for your vote in 2022, to be a loud voice for you, for us.

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